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Thanks to the big fermentation tanks the pub becomes part of the brewery. In the past only brewers were privileged to test ale that is LIVE, not pasteurised, not containing any conservatives or stabilizers. Every client, connoisseur and beer fan can test it in Ale House now.

Beer is served everywhere but we always have to wait for the bartender or the waiter to bring us the refreshing beverage. Not in Ale House, where we implanted a unique system that has never been used in Bulgaria. The LIVE beer is stored in fermentation tanks and circulates through pipes, ending at each table with a beer tap. You can pour as much as you like and you can read the quantity on a digital display, just above the tap. There are twenty tables with a separate beer tap, so you can always find a place where to draft a glass of beer. And if you are not very fond of beer, you have the choice among over thirty kinds of whisky. We have Scotch, Irish, malt, and grain, blended and aged whiskies. We have an impressive choice of bourbon, cognac, vodka, digestives, and liqueurs. You have the honor to drink two limited kinds of grape rakia – Cultured and The Canes that are exclusively made for us and cannot be found anywhere else.

You can choose from a variety of delicious meals in Ale House. Of course, we serve diverse meals perfectly fitting to an ice cold beer. Our cuisine is well known for its slender veal and pork knuckles, sausages, chicken and game prepared with love from our excellent cooks. You definitely have to taste some of our exceptional meals with salmon, or seasoned fish. Veal, prepared according to a special receipt is among the favorites of our clients and is not to be omitted in your choice of a meal. At lunch time you can always count on a tasty lunch menu.

We will be proud to welcome you in our pub stylishly equipped with dark wood and leather furniture. In addition there is a band every Friday and Saturday in Ale House. Live Beer and Live Stage – a perfect combination!
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